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Welcome to Yoga with Jaimi. This space is dedicated to helping you feel good in body and mind. The classes are an invitation to be here now. New classes are released every month. Keep it all organized with your monthly calendar. See you on the mat  ✨

"Jaimi's expertise and warmth shine through the screen, and her classes are a major component of my self-care routine. I highly recommend experiencing them for yourself."


Charlie S.

"It's comforting to be able choose practices I'm familiar with and do them whenever I can carve out a few minutes... and having the playlists on Spotify just makes it even more wonderful."


Kristin H.

"Jaimi's instruction is so specific and useful, and her voice is so calming... I find that I not only feel physically better and calmer but also more capable of being patient and kind to my 2 and 4 year old throughout the day"


Sara G.

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